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The various propositions in the field of interior design focused on the necessity of studying and discussing the various inherited formal references because of their influential role in the path of human life and the continuity and permanence of the reality of life in light of its civilizational and cultural heritage, and on this basis several factors have influenced the drawing of the features of these references in the design of interior spaces.. This study comes as a reading that reviews ways to extend the bridges of communication between contemporary and inherited references by examining the Baghdadi heritage and how to use it in the design of internal spaces as an aesthetic, civilized and creative value. The current research consists of four chapters represented by the following: Addressing the research problem through the following question: How do these references operate in the form of inherited aesthetic visual ? representations in the design of interior spaces included the theoretical framework that was arranged in three sections. The first topic sheds light on the concept of references. The second topic included the heritage and its reflection on the contemporary environment, while the third topic included formal references for legacies in the design of internal spaces and resulted in a set of indicators that were adopted in an analysis form Search Forms. includes the research procedures and methodology, as the descriptive approach was adopted in the analysis of sample samples, and the intentional selection of (2) models was made only for the study from the original research community. Research and analysis. And included the results and conclusions reached, the most prominent of which are: 1.The design of the interior space of the first model was linked to the formal references of Baghdad more than the second model, as it adopted the design of the Baghdadi style with its distinctive expressive tools.2. Although the materials used in the design of the specific formalelements of the interior space differ in terms of shape, color and texture, they embodied and expressed an integrated design unit that helped achieve the visual and sensual pleasure of interior design in that space.



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