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nfographic art represents a modern phenomenon in which many variables and influences are intertwined in activating the communicative process, which makes understanding the reflections of this type of art and determining its dimensions the focus of attention of researchers in several disciplines, including graphic design and media, as well as communication science, semantics and many other sciences, As a result of what this art reflects in terms of informational reductions, it is therefore imperative to reach a clear and certain picture of what are these reflections on the design process that in turn contribute to activating the communication message. The research consisted of four chapters, the first representing the methodological framework, the problem of which was determined by the following question: -What are the communicative implications of infographic art on digital advertising designs? As for the purpose of the research, it is defined in: Identify the art of infographic and its implications for digital advertising designs. She stressed the importance of research to provide intellectual and practical support to advertising designers and directors, press institutions and multiple advertising agencies. As for the second chapter, it covered the theoretical framework represented by two topics: the first: the conjunctions of the art of infographic and graphic design and their interactive communicative reflections, and the second: the infographic reflections in the designs and output of digital advertisements. The third chapter was also devoted to the research procedures and methodology, as the research community included 4 models that were subjected to analysis according to the axes of the analysis form prepared by the researcher. As for the fourth chapter in which the results were reviewed and conclusions, the researcher relied on the most important results of the analysis to reach the results, the most important of which were: - Infographic uses produced formal data that was characterized by symbolic, textual, color, and simplified informatics shortcuts, whose implications contributed to showing the effectiveness of communication in harmony and simulating the surrounding reality in a unified and common language that was able to break down and remove the boundaries and barriers of environments and their variations as in the models (1,2,3,4). The conclusions were based on: - The art of infographic has contributed to the activation of the building blocks in the form of textual and symbolic reductions at the same time, which reflected positively on the delivery of the communication message, which in turn carried with it exciting visual stimuli embodied by the letter symbols as it contributes to achieving the reductions of the time of reception and the speed of mental reception The idea of advertising.



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