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In Fine Arts field the arts overlap between them generally, and on the correlation level for the Architecture and Sculpture in particular, they've always been from the contiguous, which there technical and industrial aspects is intermix with the aesthetic aspect for both, this approach continued until the entry of the third millennium, passing by a transformation at the level of formal structure and searching for the stranger and uncommon and out of every circulating things, and a a cood proof on that the architecture works of Zaha Hadid that was considered as a phenomenon from the architecture phenomenon's that somebody describe her that she doing works from another planet, we see how she forwarded her architect buildings in to a huge sculptural masses which it so similar to one of most famous contemporary sculptors works, it's (Elizabeth Thomson) which depends the same Zaha Hadid formal structures. from this subject stand out our problem for this research and we put this question, is sculpture has its features and advantage to inspire the architecture or the fact the opposite? and what is the formal and aesthetic approaches that relate between them? The necessity of the research: - It is from the leader researches in contemporary sculpt field, and to enriching or support the Arabic libraries with a new study in addition it lay a subject as long as aroused the researcher’s curiosity about the precedence of the influence between the sculpture and architecture.

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