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It is possible to say that lobbying has become synonymous with the USA because of the emergence of lobbying within the political system of the United States of America (USA) and its preservation by improving its existence until today. Lobbies stand out with their active participation in decision-making processes. Especially their activities on the legislature stem from their active participation in law-making processes. These involvements are not only due to a good communication network with decision makers, but also from the benefits of the reports and information provided to them by the lobbies. Because it is not possible for decision makers to have detailed information about every issue, because elected decision makers have more control over the problems of electoral districts and may not have information about the scope and details of other regions or international problems. Lobbying, which emerged and found a place for itself in the US political system, has evolved into an area where local and foreign lobbies carry out "lobbying activities". The activities of local lobbies have become organizations from which other countries and institutions receive services, usually through the professional lobbyists of the hired lobby companies. Although some of the foreign lobbies have chosen the professional service method, some of them carry out lobbying through their own organizations. In this study, foreign lobbies and their activities have been tried to be discussed, and the activities of the main lobbies in the USA on the legislature are mostly emphasized while their activities on the executive are also examined.

USA, Lobbies, Lobbying


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