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Theater is still the unique art with direct contact with the spectator, and through it the artist can transmit educational and educational messages to the spectator, especially the child's theater, which was established on the basis of his upbringing and education. Many countries have depended on it to convey educational messages through the acting with the help of technical elements that stimulate the child's senses.The theatrical costume that they prepare, is one of the elements that excite the child with the characteristics that affect his psyche through color and the movement of the actor that makes him interact with the theatrical performance. The research came in four chapters: Chapter one: it contains the research problem which is (Changes of the costume and its activities in child’s theater), and the importance of the research was demonstrated in a study (costume and its activities in child’s theatre). The research goal includes (learn about the most important changes in costume and its work in the child's theater). Then define the terms which are (changes, costume). Chapter two (Theoretical part): it includes two sections: First section: came under the title (changes of costume and its relations with the theatrical performance elements) Second section: Came under the title (Work of Costume in the Child's Theater). And then came out with the most important indicators that resulted from the theoretical part. Chapter three: it contains the research procedures and the analysis of the research sample which represented by the play (Magic water). Chapter four: it contains the important results that the researcher came out with, which are: 1-The relationship between lighting and the costume highlighted a scientific shift in the display's construction system.2-Make-up and costume contribute to a shift in characters and highlight expressive semantic Then the research was concluded with the most important sources, references and the abstract in English language.



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