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In the current era, technology has dominated the details of our lives, and catching up with technology has become a necessity of life for people because it possesses advanced creative characteristics that facilitate all aspects of his life. With the development of technology and the availability of various digital design programs, the digital design (graphic) has become one of the latest and most beautiful The arts receive the attention of various groups, as digital design was taken as a concept to transform classic computer design into a more professional and creative design, and this explains the success he has reached and also his arrival to a stage that makes it an essential element in various fields wherever we go. Color is also a visual and universal language of great impact, so its importance in modern digital designs requires that we give it its right and attention, as well as its visual and communicative importance, as it has aesthetic and creative value, especially in designs that adopt modern technologies and their wide color capabilities, so the current research came as an attempt to search for aesthetic reflections For color in modern digital designs, the current research included four chapters. The first chapter included the research problem, which was defined by the following question: What are the aesthetic reflections of color in modern digital designs? As for the second chapter - the theoretical framework, it included three sections. The first topic concerned: the concept of aesthetics, while the second topic included a study of the structure of digital design, as well as the indicators of the theoretical framework. As for the third chapter, it dealt with research procedures and methodology, as the researcher adopted the descriptive and analytical approach in the research sample that consisted of (4) book covers from the total research community issued in 2017 by the Iraqi Cultural Affairs House. According to the results of thetheoretical framework of indicators, in the analysis of her chosen research models.

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