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Geographical techniques are an effective tool in analyzing morphometric variables of basins. The current study focuses on the morphometric analysis of Wadi Al 'Aqrawi basin through the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems techniques. The Al 'Aqrawi basin is located in the south of the Salman district of the Muthanna Governorate within the southern desert, between longitudes (44◦ - 45◦) E., and latitudes (29º 35- - 30º 08-) N., it occupies an area of 3554.7 km2. The basin area boundaries and the variables required by this study were determined, which were obtained through the use of Arc GIS 10.3 software. As the morphometric variables of Al 'Aqrawi Basin, such as the areal, morphological, and topographic characteristics, and the water network characteristics, were calculated by applying the equations. It was evident through the values of roundness 0.18 and elongation 0.49. These values indicate that the shape of the basin is close to the rectangular shape and far from the circular shape, while the value of the shape parameter 0.19 indicated that the Al 'Aqrawi basin is far from the square shape and close to the triangular shape. Topographical data indicate that the Al 'Aqrawi Basin is still at the beginning of its next cycle, as the hepatometric integration reached 16.15, and the rate of the basin’s slope was low, reaching 0.0073 m / km, and the study area was characterized by a low degree of roughness, which amounted to (0.13). The number of basin orders reached five orders, and the bifurcation ratio ranged between (5 - 1.4), while the drainage density and the pelvic tissue and drainage tissue ratio were (0.61 km / km2, 1.4, 0.76) respectively. It indicates a decrease in the drainage density, thepercentage of the basin tissue and the drainage tissue, which indicates that the basin area is characterized by a coarse drainage tissue, which indicates the control of the rock structure over the drainage characteristics as the rocks in the study area are characterized by their increased permeability, porosity and increase in the amount of percolating water as well as the influence of climate elements as the region They are located within the arid climatic range, and the drainage forms have varied, some with dendritic drainage and others orthogonal (rectangular).

Morphometric properties, Wadi Al 'Aqrawi, remote sensing, geographic information systems.


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