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The world and the Arab region are experiencing an exceptional situation in light of the spread of the new Corona-19 virus and the repercussions that followed at all levels in light of the impact of this pandemic and at various levels and fields as they are intertwined and interconnected together, especially the important economic sector that is directly reflected in other fields, because This is the main aspect that distinguishes the Arab region, as it is a region rich in natural resources such as oil and natural gas, as well as its strategic location, and because we are part of the Arab region, my research paper focused on the Arab region for its importance and being the heart of global conflicts in the past, recently and in the future, and the fact that The superpowers will resort to it after the end of the pandemic to compensate for their material losses, as they will try to tighten their influence in the Arab region and prove their presence more than before. This epidemic, which clarified the emaciation of the health sector, highlighted its impact on the educational side, and the most prominent scenarios for the post-Corona region.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Arab region, Corona-19 pandemic.


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