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Expressionism was represented in addressing the other in an inner language based on intuition and an inner feeling, and this area can substitute for mental discourse. The need for expressive dimensions has become a new need that deeply reflects the feelings that sweep the human self while living in the lost aspirations, that is, it represents a moment of real attention to the emotions and sentiments that stand in the face of all the criteria and frameworks that govern the vision of design before, and have become dependent on the fence that precedes the shape. And the study set a goal in it for the purpose of arriving at a solution to its research problem, which is the following question: What are the expressive dimensions of presidential personages in the designs of the covers of international magazines? As for the goal of the research, it is to reveal the expressive dimensions of presidential personages in the designs of the covers of international magazines. As for the theoretical framework, it included (the concept of expression in art and design) (expressive dimensions in the design of magazine covers) (functional and aesthetic dimensions) whereas the third topic included (research applications), as the research followed the descriptive analytical method for the purpose of monitoring phenomena by means of objective critical analysis of each model to reach accurate results, and the current research included the American magazine covers (Newsweek) produced in 2018. The research models were chosen in an intentionally and non-probabilistic way, by (3) models after adopting 25% of the research, and the researcher chose the second half of the year and the outcome of the research after the survey conducted by the researcher reached (12) magazines. The third chapter has devoted the most important results and some of which are:- 1- The presidential personages showed expressive dimensions that had an effective role by the achieved response to the optical attraction in magazine covers designs. 2- The presidential personage has resulted in functional dimensions by peculiarity and uniqueness in the magazine's cover design. As for the conclusions, they were represented as follows: 1- The expressive dimensions of the presidential personages have played an active role in achieving the functional purpose through the formal balance and the aesthetic value of the topographic elements in the magazine cover. 2- The common global language of the of body language represents the in the deliberative process that was performed through the expressive and functional interlinked dimensions , which strengthened the visual dialogue between the poster and the recipient with great effectiveness.

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