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Industry is represented by human activity that aims to produce goods and goods that meet the diverse needs of mankind from primary raw materials, whether agricultural (vegetable or animal), mineral or semi-finished materials. Industrial activity received great attention in the economies of developed and developing countries alike, and it played an important role in the process of economic development and in the development of other economic sectors as well as employment of manpower and thus contribute to the gross domestic product. Given this importance, this research came to define the status and distribution of large and medium industrial establishments for 2019 Analyzing the variation of industrial indicators and trends of these spatial indicators and extracting the results that show the performance of this activity in the country by conducting analytical studies of statistical data for a number of industrial variables and indicators such as the number of establishments and employment, the value of production and its requirements, added value and wages according to the public, mixed and private sectors, and the geographical distribution is a point. It is necessary to study any geographical phenomenon and a necessary step to identify the behavior of these different phenomena, and to present and analyze the realistic picture of the establishments of large and medium industries and governorates in the study area. The analysis showed that the industrial indicators of large and medium industries differ in their percentage and distribution among the governorates of the study area, as the governorate of Baghdad achieved the first rank over the rest of the governorates in all industrial indicators except for production requirements that came in second place after Babil Governorate, which ranked first. Meanwhile, the governorates of Anbar, Karbala and Nineveh changed to achieve the last rank in those industrial indicators. The general trend of the spatial contrast picture of the large and medium industrial establishments and the number of their employees appeared from few to many, from the west of the study area to parts of its north, middle and south.

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