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The final approach and the greatness of this honorable law that surrounded all aspects of human life to draw for him the features of a happy and good life away from the oppression of man to his brother, and an invitation to invest in all the elements of life that God Almighty gave to humanity in this universe to create a free and dignified life in which all individuals get the limits of sufficiency but rather The well-being that man deserves on this rich planet, and by adhering to the rules and controls of these accurate and fair economic concepts, man avoids the causes of poverty and destitution that prevent him from carrying out the job that God Almighty wanted for him, as he is the successor of God Almighty on earth, hoping its architecture for good, mercy and peace. The financial and economic axes in the Holy Qur’an are very many, and I have traced the Holy Qur’an and brought out the verses that are related to Islamic economic concepts directly or indirectly, whether the verse came for this purpose or we can understand from it something that goes in this direction, and I have limited itself to mentioning the verse that She referred to an economic concept one time without repeating it or its similarities in other habitats in order to motivate the hatred of repetition and lengthening, and adopted referring often to the sayings of the interpreters, may God Almighty have mercy on them, because the research in the Holy Qur’an and its interpretation, and that each of the economic axes mentioned in the research fit to be a title For extended study for graduate students. The research required that I put it on the forefront and three topics that were collected in each topic, what could be similar in its topic, it is an attempt to collect the various concepts of concepts, even if they are intertwined in the overall concept, then the conclusion came to contain some results and recommendations, then he mentioned the most important sources that were adopted in the completion of This research, and God Almighty asked to make it pure for his great face and service to his noble book, and may God Almighty bless our Prophet, his family and his companions, a lot of blessings and praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.

The Holy Quran, Economic Hubs, Islamic Economics.

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