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The science of gay porn was known to read and its features were defined in the time of Ibn Mujahid (d. 324 AH) and if it existed before it, he wrote his seven books on frequent readings, as well as another book he called gay, and in it the Qur'anic readings varied to more than one type. Anomalous reading is what quoted the first reading scholars, companions and followers; But it is contrary to the line of the Ottoman Qur’ans. Muslims used to read the Qur’an before copying the Qur’ans in the succession of our master Othman, (may God be pleased with him) on the faces of the pronunciation, and some of those faces were contrary to the line of the Qur’an, and then people left, each reading off the line after copying and sending the Qur’ans To the Islamic regions, and read the faces that the line can bear from the readings that the companions read, may God be pleased with them. The recitations that contradict the Qur’an’s script were called abnormal readings because they came in contradiction to the nation’s unanimous text of the Qur’an, which was transmitted frequently. Alam Al-Din Al-Sakhawi said: The abnormal is taken from their saying that the man abnormalities abnormal anomaly, if he is separated from the people, and that the great imams still lead by example in All Almsar of the jurists and modernists and imams of the Arab reverence of the Qur’an and avoiding abnormal and follow the famous reading and the necessity of the known methods. Abnormal readings are considered a source of interpretation, as they were before a Qur’an recited and then anomalies occurred, so he raised the devotion by its recitation, and its benefit remained in terms of clarifying the meaning, working with what is clear from legal rulings and it is not possible to study everything that is read as abnormal; Because the abnormal readings are many, Ibn Khalweh mentioned more than twenty reading between the abnormal and the hidden in Surat Al-Fatihah As for the aims of the research, they focus on the following: First: attention to anomalous reading because it gives an additional meaning to understanding the Quranic text besides the frequent reading. Second: The anomalous reading is not all falsified or falsified, but can be used to benefit from Third:alerting everyone who is interested in Qur'anic readings that the commentators not only adopted recurrent reading, but also used a lot of recurrent reading. Fourth: Mentioning the interpreters ’weightings in anomalous readings.



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