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From the perspective of social engineering, Perception Management, whose application dates back to ancient times, takes place at every stage of human life and is used in order to direct minds, emerges as a conceptualized method in the 20th century. Perception Management is a concept that has been applied and used in all human relations between the ruled and ruled, even if not mentioned, throughout history. The systematic definition of the concept in terms of methods and techniques for managing organizational perception was made by the US Department of Defense for the first time. People of our age live in a period of time in which their thoughts change constantly. The most important reason behind these changes is the technological developments caused by science and technique, increasing the interaction between people. Thanks to the continuity of technological developments, the information society, which we have evolved in massively, brings to the fore the idea that the age we live in will be the “Age of the Masses ”. In this case, the emphasis on “The Power of the Crowds and Collectivity” makes the concept of Perception Management very important for the management of the masses. The fact that information pollution caused by increased interactions with the development of technology makes perceptions open to intervention and manipulation makes it easier to be created mass and social movements by targeting individual perceptions. In thıs context, based on the concept of Perception and Management of Perception, the main focus of this study on states and governance is the relationship between the foreign policy instruments used by states in moving internationally to perception management. The question of how the attitudes and behaviors of the target group are affected and tried to be managed in the decision-making processes of the governments in the international arena is one of the questions sought.

Perception, Perception Management, Foreign Policy Dynamics.


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