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Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk is one of the basic sources of Turcology and this book has significant information on any issues related to the culture of Turks. In studies which are about vocabulary in Turkish, the first encyclopedic dictionary and the most valuable piece of work, Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk is one of the basic source for researchers. Every language in the world has own phones, phonetic characteristics. Metathesis, is the phoneme alteration that occurs when one word is tried to be said in easier way. The alteration of near or far phonemes whiten one word or what we cold metathesis is concurred to be very useful for etymological work. consonantal reproduction is defined as a sound, which originally does not belong to a word, but occures by a derivation in any part of a word. There are three types of consonantal reproduction prothesis, epenthesis and epithesis. The reasons for consonantal reproduction are devoirs, but mostly they occurred by interaction of sounds and effortlessness of pronunciation. Consonant drop is the loss of a sound in structure of the word with some reasons. There are three types of disappearance: apheresis, syncope and apocope. The apocope is disappearance of a vowel or consonant at the end of a word. As a result, in this article, the words of sound events, metathesis, consonant drop, consonantal reproduction, etc in vocabulary of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk will be determined and classified.

Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, sound events, metathesis, consonant drop, consonantal reproduction, etc.


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