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This research is tagged ((the formal and functional aspect of the industrial product)) aimed at revealing the cognitive concepts represented in the concept of defining the nature of the relationship formed by the form of the function with the job and their impact on the user. To achieve the goal of the research, the researcher collected the basic axes necessary for analysis based on the theoretical framework investigations, which included four topics. The name of the first topic (concepts and concepts) included the subject of form, subject of function, subject of form and function in the industrial product, as well as a historical overview of the hours and the mechanism of their work. As for the second topic Theoretical framework indicators Where theoretical concepts were adopted and organized by the researcher in an analysis form that included a set of axes that: • The axis of formal perception and its relationship to the user • The axis of movement (functionally and aesthetically) and its effects on the user Axis of stylistic design After analyzing the models from the research sample, the researcher concluded from the following process: - 1. Form and function have a reciprocal relationship with the design space, through which contact with the user is achieved by visual suggestion of their inherent properties. 2. The necessity of emphasizing the general body constituting the design, through the use of apparent knowledge systems and their relations in the design form with diversification in design patterns and the use of unconventional forms with the employment of tangible and color diversity and multiple materials in which the principle of formal organization of design elements is observed. 3. The development of the apparent system (figure) necessarily depends on the mechanism of the relationship between it and the underlying system (function) in design, as it is an act that escalates with the help of external influences from science and art to interdependence among them to generate new design systems so that the design present is linked within a developmental chain that does not It ceases to be linked to the development of the technical age.

industrial product, design space, formal.


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