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Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, which is a cultural treasure of Turkish, shows wideness and prosperity of Turkish vocabulary in 11th century and also puts forward interesting recordings about people and community life, materialistic and moral culture in that century. From this point of view, Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk which was, approximately, written a thousand years ago, is, as a great many researchers agreed, one of the first historical and cultural reference books rather than being the first Turkish dictionary. The person is a social entity that’s why he has to live in a society. The economic and social situation of human beings who live in society is different. The human being tends to cooperation and solidarity instinctively. Each nation has its own unique way of thinking and way of life, language, customs and traditions, values and rules of social features. In social life the problems, which have been cooperation and solidarity be solved by charity. Vocabulary of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, as every subject, consists of valuable information about cooperation and solidarity of Turkish social in 11th century. In this article, cooperation and solidarity will be determined and examined in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. Thus, it will be studied to explain in terms of cooperation and solidarity of Turkish social life in 11th century. Therefore, firstly scanning Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk line by line, all words, idioms, proverbs, couplets and written-in-verse components reflecting social cooperation and solidarity of its age have been indexed and listed in it self.

Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, vocabulary, social cooperation and solidarity


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