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Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk composed by a Turkish linguist Kâşgarlı Mahmud in 11th century is very important work in terms of Turkish cultural history. A lot of proverbs and poems in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. For that reason, by the time the words, proverbs and poems are generally studied. But by the time there is no work about sufism concepts in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. Sufism is a religious building. Sufism is an establishment in educating the individual himself. Sufism is referred to with the concept of mystery. This concept is used in its place. The two concepts are different. Sufism is not a religion of philosophy. Religious history indicates that the Turks had believed in different religion like Shamanism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam throughout the history. Even these religions believed by various clans at the same time, some clans put faith in various beliefs in different periods of history. If it is explained in cultural continuality point of view, it is seen that the Turkish kept their beliefs styles and traditions after they became Muslim. Intellectual and spiritual phenomenon of sufism an important role in shaping the structure, at the same time, a factor in forming the culture of societies. The aim of this article is to demonstrate the competence of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk which is regarded as the oldest and the most essential dictionary of Turkish Language, written by Kâşgarlı Mahmud, in supplying equivalent terms for sufism concept.

Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, vocabulary, sufism, the sufism concepts


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