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The concept of empathy, which can be defined as a key concept for the prevention of accidents during communication or a more effective communication process, can be defined as the act of putting a person in front of him / her and expressing his understanding. As in the process of empathy communication, effective communication process is an important concept in the process of teaching. With the renewed primary school programs, the concept of empathy has become even more important in the teaching process, and the results of the theory and research reveal that individual differences are accepted as natural, the learning process is different in each individual. It can be said that the teachers who started with the birth in the life of the individual and whose regular efforts to perform the teaching activities described as a lifelong learning process and guiding this process in a qualified manner are long-term educators. In a four-year period, classroom teachers play an active role in guiding students' learning process in the compulsory education level, guiding the environment and guiding students to enter into rich learning experiences. After completing her undergraduate education, she will be working as a classroom teacher and will fulfill the different roles in the teaching process. A total of 112 pre-service teachers (78 female and 34 male) studying in the 4th year of the Faculty of Education at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Education. In the study conducted using qualitative research method, data were collected from the participants in a structured interview form and the analysis process of the collected data was performed by means of descriptive analysis. Based on the findings obtained from the analysis, it is emphasized that the pre-service teachers mostly emphasize the characteristics of the person in front of us; they also make definitions by expressing expressions that refer to the dimensions of understanding, feelings and thoughts, we have reached the results of expressing the understanding of empathy amongst us as stated in the rules of realization.

Empathy, Classroom Teacher, Metaphor

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