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Philosophical Question in the Arab-Islamic Civilization
This research deals with the philosophical question in the Arab-Islamic civilization, where it is an another creative form for that civilization, it aims to reach determining the nature of this question, and to distinguish it from other philosophical questions. And when this philosophical question was determining the general ontological perception of that civilization, we will define diverse appointments to it in theology, philosophy, and mysticism. If "God" is the main concept on which is leaning against it the whole history of the Arab-Islamic thought, it will determine all other concepts on which build the Islamic perspective, which is achieved through it- the Arab-Islamic civilization- an important historical presence. From here, we must determine its nature, and shed light historically on the diversity of its forms. And thus, knowing philosophical intellectuals which were created by thinkers in their different intellectual creations. This research discusses two main points: the first relates to the importance of the philosophical question in the Arab-Islamic civilization as it is the central question, emerged from it all moral, social, and political values. While the second historically relates to the development of this question, and intellectually to the diversity of its forms. In both cases, the philosophical question, in terms of intellectual distinctive feature of the Arab-Islamic civilization, is what our research will be based upon.

Critical Reading, Ontological Perception, Gustatory Experience, Existence, Overtaking, Creativity, C


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