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There have been lots of written works for depicting Turkish language, history and culture. Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk which was written at 1073/1074 is one of the most important book of Turkish language, literature and culture. The translation of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, which is one of the works of Karahanlı Turkish period, was published by Besim Atalay in 1939 years. Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, which is of great importance in terms of giving the word existence of Turkish until 11th century, has been one of the most used sources of Turculogy up to now. The vocabulary of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, as every subject, consists of valuable information on insect names. Onomastic is a discipline that studies on the names of living and lifeless entities or abstract concepts. The most important thing separating objects is their names. Name is the meaning of word to help telling, defining and reporting anyone or anything. Animal names are the basic elements of languages. However, it is well known that there are few studies on onomastic in Turkish. In addition to it is a rich source points of historical progress and vocabulary of Turkish language. It is known that in the modern Turkish language, some words show parallelism with Old Turkish. Therefore, the historical and contemporary Turkish dialects can be applied to explain words belonging to astronomy in vocabulary of Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. For this purpose in article vocabulary of insect names in the Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk are discussed and compared the field of historical and modern Turkish language. As a result, with this article it was aimed to contribute new studies on the topic by making a lexical study about insect names.

Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, vocabulary, insect names


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