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ON THE SENTENCE “Bir kişi : y(a)ň(ı)ls(a)r : og(u)şı : bud(u)nı : bisükiňe : t(e)gi : ıkıdm(a)z : (e)rm(i)ş” :IN THE GOKTURK INSCRIPTIONS
Göktürk Inscriptions have a crucial importance not only for the Turkish language and literature, but also for Turkish culture. There have been so many studies on the inscriptions since its being read by Vilhelm Thomsen. The studies on reading and meaning that started with Thomsen and Radloff have been continuing to these days, self-contained text publications on the inscriptions have been done by domestic and foreign Turcologists, various reading or meaning trials have been done. With these studies so many issues in the inscriptions have been solved and continue. Especially, the meaning studies have a crucial importance from the point of revealing the richness of language’s meaning. By many publishers and researchers has been set forth different opinions about the same phrase which is in the 6th line of the south part of Kül Tigin inscription and in the 4th line of north part of Bilge Kaghan inscription. This publishers and researchers gave different meanings and made different on the words of ‘bişükine’ and ‘kııdmaz’ which exists in lines of inscriptions the following sentence “Bir kişi : y(a)ň(ı)ls(a)r : ug(u)şı : bud(u)nı : bisükiňe : t(e)gi : kııdm(a)z : (e)rm(i)ş.” In this article, the phrase will be read as “Bir kişi : y(a)ň(ı)ls(a)r : og(u)şı : bud(u)nı : bisükiňe : t(e)gi : ıkıdm(a)z : (e)rm(i)ş” and problematic remarks will be sought to solve in detailed manner. As a result, will reevaluate the existing offers from a critical point of view and will dare to make a new offer on the meaning of the sentence.

Kül Tigin inscription, Bilge Kaghan inscription, reading suggestion, meaning suggestion.


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