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One of the factors threatening Muslims’ unity is racism. Islam prohibits facts which emphasize differences among people such as race, nationality, denomination, tribe or clan, view these as reasons of superiority, and thus threaten the unity of Muslim community. This tendency, whose first example we encounter in Satan’s arrogant attitude in the face of God’s command of prostration, has appeared up until today with different titles and practices like racism, tribalism, hooliganism, or micro nationalism. Even though not identified as racism conceptually, some behaviors and attitudes are observed to be caused by racist thoughts. Therefore, studies on the issue of overcoming racism should start with determining the reasons of racism, and then determine the dynamics that would ensure to remove racist or similar kind of thoughts, or at least isolate them, from the social structure. This study will determine, from the Qur’anic point of view, the notion of racism, as well as the concept and orientations that cause racism. Such concepts as arrogance, bigotry, discrimination, prejudice and otherization will be taken up within the integrity of the Qur’an. During the discussion of the topic, these concepts will be studied by taking into account the textual, sociological, psychological, historical, and cultural parameters and contexts. Solution suggestions will include the notions of the knowledge of God, the knowledge of oneself, mutual communication, the sense of brotherhood, the consciousness of being a Muslim community, and the consciousness of justice, and these notions will be discussed in today’s context and by taking into account their contribution to a solution. With these suggestions, which are proposed here for the purpose of humanity, the security of society and the state, and especially Muslims’ unity, this study aims to help Muslim societies achieve the goals set in the Qur’an, while Muslims are still struggling with their own problems, and these goals include “being a Muslim community that is successful in ensuring social peace, is a good example for all other people, is the best of and a reason of balance for humanity

Qur'an, Unity, Muslim community, Racism, Hamiyya al-Jahiliyya, Arrogance


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