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The phenomenon of beggary is one of the social phenomena found in most Islamic societies, including the Andalusian society, is the subject of our research, and by the category of beggars we mean people who are unable to obtain their livelihood for health reasons. The category of beggars formed part of the Andalusian society at the time, although the Andalusians rejected this phenomenon and the effects it had on the Andalusian society, until it was said in their famous proverbs about begging (the last option to work from holiday saffron). We discussed who are the beggars? Are they different from the category of the poor? And how they used to do their work as beggars in the streets and between the doors of mosques to beg, as well as an explanation of what are the reasons that drive people to beg, because of the internal and external revolutions that occur and affect the economic resources of the country, and we also do not miss talking about natural disasters and the material and human losses they cause. It is clear to the community. And then we talked about the preparation of levies in Andalusia, and in what ways to act? Is part of it allocated to the category of beggars, and this is what we will separate in the research.

beggary phenomenon, poverty, natural disasters

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