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Minimalizm, also known as an art movement, is described as a term with the name ‘reductianizm’. This means reducing all the elements in art works to simple standbar eststate. Forth is term, using the expression ‘ the art its contents reduced to the minimum’ is also possible. Minimalizm movement have many different meanings expressed in different sources. Some of the mare these ‘ ABC ‘ , ‘The Cold Art’ , ‘ Squential Art’ , ‘Objector Art ‘ , ‘ Basis Structure’ . This art movement, which at first show edit self in 1960s, especially gives importance to industrial material. In this movement sometimes you come across symmetricalorder, the other times you seeth at compositions are stayed away. Themovementavoids from the traditional sand doesn’t follow the procedure of forming classical model, chipping and molding. The only thing important in this movement is the material itself and how this material is presented. Them ost important names among the well-known minimalist artists are; Frank Stealla (1936), Carl Andre (1935) , Ad Reinhardt (1913-67), Dan Flavin (1933-96), Donald Judd (1928-94), Sol Le Witt (1928-2007), Robert Morris (1931) and Richard Serra (1939). Sadi Calık one of the note worthy name in Turkish Sculpture, in fact is the first man to exemplify Minimalizm in sculpture. He himself brought about his work of art ‘Minimumizm’ when there is no such movement even in USA, but its importance wasn’t recognized in Turkey. But, when he partook in an art excibition with his work in American News Center in 1957 things went crazy and his work took much attention. In otherwords, this artist fore saw the Minimal Art way before it appeared in USA in 1960s, and displayed an example of it.

Minimalism, Art Movement, Sculpture, Turkish, Sadi Calik.

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