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This study is based on four chapters. The first chapter presents the problem of the research, its objectives, its importance, the definition of its objective, and defining its subjective boundaries the Temporal and spatial and the definition of its Terminology The second chapter, in its theoretical framework, includes a discussion of the conceptual system of the terms dealt with by the following chapters: The first topic dealt with the concept of evolution and its meaning in modern painting The second topic dealt with the concept of style in contemporary painting, while the third topic presented an introduction in (Dheyaa Alkhuzae's) attempt and his stylistic evolution. The third chapter included the research procedures in the analytical dimension of this study, and it included the society of the research, selecting the sample, and the used methodology, and identifying its tools. The study is concluded with the fourth chapter, which is presented for the results of the research, and explains the nature of the trends in the Iraqi art movement, and among the most important findings of that study: (1) and its Fluency of expression through the broadcast of a variety of environmental forms (human-animal-plant) combined in the composition of chromatic and linear making it rejoice in its independence - aesthetic away from descriptive and similarity. 2- In this sample, which took number (4), the shapes became purer through the abstraction and simplification feature, conveying these forms of their earthly shapes and approaching the musical spirit in the rhythm and variation of shapes in size and degree. Which has achieved an evolution in style, which shows a difference from the previous phase.


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