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The research dealt with the subject of semantics and the action that took place through them in creating the feature of complexity for the design work. It is the attempt to sort out those verbs that occur with formal semantics and organize them according to the language building mechanisms because of the complex expressions that make up their composition. Making these types within the building systems, and clarifying the mechanisms of collecting vocabulary in those structures to be in the complex world of forms. Not everything that is ambiguous is complex devoid of meaning. Which was the reason for defining the research problem by asking ((What are the features of complexity in the designs of industrial products and the reasons that made each of them within those features according to the mechanisms of building semantics between signifier, boredom and significance?). The aim of the research is specific in (determining how complexity occurred in the visual design language of industrial products due to the semantics and the implications that accompanied the formal systems constituting that design). From knowledge regarding design semantics and its related provisions, in addition to the concept of design complexity, whose knowledge was derived from the concept of complexity in linguistic , because two of (design and language) express the ideas that occur in the mind of the creator, so that the ideas are depicted in forms within expressive constructions. It is based on the apparent signifier in the work that constitutes the design functions, from which the semantic values interpreted by the user of those industrial products are derived. It is possible by analyzing the selected intentional sample models from the lighting units representing the research community and its sample, which is what came in the third topic, in addition to the analytical axes adopted in analyzing the models and shown in that topic within the proposed analysis form. The researcher has to reach the results that came from that analysis within the folds of the fifth topic, and the most important of these results is that the complexity occurred in the meanings, not the apparent construction, and that the most important factors accompanying those complications occurred with both ambiguity and certainty and ambiguity, but the generality was mostly present within the spatial significance. Among these results, the researcher was able to reach conclusions, and the most important thing that the researcher obtained is that the type of complexity that occurred and related to the construction of the apparent design and meaning was mostly the meaning that made the design obtained from the proportions of the samples in which the shape did not correspond to the usual ideas. The ambiguity was caused by the ambiguity related to the nature of the form, that is, the functions were not expressive of the formal meaning of the design, as is the case with the ambiguity of the function because the forms did not express the nature of the function correctly, which made the design bear the feature of complexity.

design semantics - design complexity - design language complexity.

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