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Woman, who realizes selfdom values with motherhood and overcomes what is given, becomes symbol of born in the world at meaning map that she borrows from moral existence sources. Maternity as an unchancing indicator of what has to be, stratifies with meaning transfers like trust, love, commitment, eternity. In short story “Çınar Oğullar”, which is one of the texts of modern Azerbeijan author Nahit Hacızade’s book of “Bir Ana Tanıyıram”, a mother’s tragic questionings with death of seventh son sent off to military after she sent off her six sons to military and took their bad news are told in symbolic level. In short story which consists of three chapters that individual’s and humanity’s fate is turned over at the same level and correlatively, protagonist Sona Garı’s conversion to a mythic character with actions devoted to bless the destruction that is becaused deaths of her children with nature is fictionalized. In first chapter protagonist is introduced as a mother who is being symbolized at pendulum of hopes about her last son for whom she planned his future and pain of losing her childrens lives. In second and third chapter mother’s loosing all her buttal basis after concerned waitings and in fourth chapter mother’s concretion with nature in order to realize her rebirth as mental and perceptual values with an effort of passing over isolated restrictions are fictionalized. In this paper, indicators of motherhood’s procreant/maternal/multiplier/propagator qualities conversion to existential adherence seeking are going to be analysed at “Çınar Oğullar” short story in which mother nature and moral nature categories are stratified. By this way, the process of operationalize tragic reactions to mythic norms and protect unchangeable essence belongs to motherhood is going to be evaluated through the text.

mother/hood, nature, son, sycamore, life, death.

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