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In-service training (or employee training) is a global-scale application whose significance is constantly augmenting in today’s World where knowledge is multiplying and getting complicated. As specialization, institutionalization and innovations proceed; the formal education provided by schooling gets more and more inadequate in catching up with the rythm of real-life situations. Moreover; in practice it is impossible to establish schools regarding all available topics. The solution is to determine all insufficiencies deriving from lack of related knowledge in all aspects of real life and to compensate for them via in-service training. This approach represents pragmatical, realistic and quick remedies. Direct on-the-job training is a common kind of in-service training which mostly pertains to industry. Ways of designing the programs to be implemented would display variety; depending on countries, the sectors in question or timing. Nevertheless, the bottom-line philosophy is shared. Sensitivity Training constitutes a distinctly significant type of in-service training suitable even for upper level managers, whereby social obstacles like prejudices and discriminatory attitudes are cleared away. It appears that, fast changes and transformations experienced in Turkey dragged many sectors into a kind of in-service application spontaneously, at time seven without the employment of the appropriate name . Still; when it comes to conventional and regular courses regarding in-service training; it is merely three circles which come in the spotlight: Military structuring, police force, various units of National Education.

In-Service; training; learn; teach; employee; course; soldier; officer; policeman; police force; tea

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