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The scholars in the first Abbasid era did not live on the margins of life, but lived life in all its political, social and economic dimensions. They were influenced and influenced by it, and they had an impact on economic life in a very clear degree. From the beginning, they adapted the lives of their economic contemporaries to the values of the Islamic economy, which included a large area From Islamic legislation in the wise dhikr, or in the noble prophetic Sunnah, and laid the foundations of the Islamic economy, so its rules and origins appeared at the hands of these scholars, and they had efforts in developing and developing economic life and highlighting the value of work for the welfare of society, and demonstrated the importance of Zakat In the symbiosis of society, the scholars endeavored to define and define the land of the abscess, united the concept of tribute, and the scholars practiced various economic activities, and trade had the largest share, as they practiced industrial crafts despite the predominance of the pro, Jews and slaves over them, and their goal was not to create wealth, but they aimed to achieve Sufficiency, which includes chastity, and some scholars have worked in the financial functions of the state, and this participation has had an impact in the reform of these jobs and their integrity, so they worked in the field of abscesses and alms, in the distribution of tender, in calculation, in controlling scales and measures, and they played many roles in organizing life Sadia, between society and the state, and among members of society, they were restoring the imbalance and making warps in the organs of the state and the life of the Islamic community.

The Abscess, Tribute, Financial Functions, Calculation

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