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Cities have emerged to meet the needs of people in trade, communication, belief and various necessities, and today their populations exceed millions and they are expressed as “a heterogeneous society with managerial institutions and local, regional or international networks. Rapid population growth, industrialization and the problems and areas that arise with urbanization, which is a natural consequence of this, caused the concepts, such as urbanization, urban consciousness and urban culture to become widespread and discussed. Urban awareness, urban-specific attitudes and behaviors of individuals living in cities, means that they act in accordance with the awareness that they are urban people, actors and stakeholders. Urban culture, on the other hand, is defined as the unifying element of the system that regulates the dialogue and interactions of the people within the cities in a relationship pattern. The formation of this culture and consciousness is possible only when individuals can establish meaningful, strong and sustainable ties between the city they live in and the other individuals, groups and organizations in the city and they feel like a partof the city in which they live. Today, however, the continuous growth of cities as population and the area in which they spread has made it necessary to discuss urban consciousness and urban culture. The purpose of working in the light of these discussions formed within the context of concepts of urban culture and urbanity awareness is to examine how effectively urban culture and urban awareness are used within the context of strategic plans by displaying the current situation of the metropolitan municipalities hosting a significant portion of the urban population in terms of urban culture and awareness. In order to realize this aim, first of all, the concepts of urban culture, urban awareness and strategic plan will be examined the oretically. Within the context of this study, the literature obtained from domestic and foreign sources will be used. Seven metropolitan municipalities were identified primarily using simple random method to conduct the field research part of the study. Strategic plans of these cities will be taken from the website and through content analysis method metropolitan municipalities will be compared.

City, urbanization, urban culture, urban awareness, strategic plan.

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