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Cengiz Aytmatov is an artist who kneads again concrete dough of collective biography which consists of memories and actions as a conscience with awareness of necessity to return to essence and dangers of being marginalized. In his narratives that destruction of threats oriented to vital sources, world of values on person, society and also humanity is being questioned, he creates universal texts in symbolical discourse with psychological and sociological references. Cengiz Aytmatov’s novel Dağlar Devrildiğinde/Ebedi Nişanlı as a product of image and vision is a narration consists of mythic values in which cultural memory spaces that makes it possible to pass from sensual to intellectual are being used as textual archetype. In novel that narration in narration and extension techniques are being used, four extensions get together in mirror of past and present at discoursive themes and moral relation: The story of Arsen Samançin and snow panther Caabars; legend of Eternal Engaged as referent text; and the story named “To Kill-Not to Kill” which takes part as Last Word written by protagonist Arsen. In novel, fiction consists of characters’ singular life adventure in horizantal dimension and synchronous expression of unchangeable in time in mythic planeand vertical dimension. In this paper, fictional world of Dağlar Devrildiğinde/ Ebedi Nişanlı which is being equipped with mythic elements and fictionalized on four layers with horizantal and vertical dimensions is going to be analysed. Thus, renecual phenomenons of implicit meanings at deep meaning sytem in concrete world and borrowed structure from immaterial existence sources of the text in which values poems get together with a steady stylistic fiction are going to be resolved.

Legend of Eternal Engaged, human, animal, society, myth, sign.

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