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Extremism is a social phenomenon that has spread in many societies and religions in the world and is related to individuals belonging to a sect, often associated with slogans related to religion and actions that contradict and tolerance found in all religions, such as intellectual closure, blind intolerance and non-acceptance of the other opinion. Religious extremism is the increase in the understanding of matters of religion from the customary and reasonable limit and centering on personalities, parties and groups, intolerance of opinion and commitment to the emphasis that arises out of a vacuum in the self, or a reaction from other extremism that detracts from some influence or a malicious plot led by mysterious forces to undermine religion and destroy it, It is not restricted to a specific religion, a specific ideology, or a specific sect of religion itself. In Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, as in capitalism, secularism and communism. Individuals belonging to groups of extremist extremists, who reject (moderation) and all the resulting values, principles, behaviors, and ideas, and they do not recognize and accept the other and their categorical belief in possessing the truth without the owner of the other opinion.


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