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Social values are a set of standards, obligations, and moral controls that define an individual's behavior within his community and all that contradicts the principles and ethics of society; Being an important means of social control, and there is a close and reciprocal relationship between social values and the prevailing culture in society, and according to the different times and civilizations, the values differed between societies according to the prevailing intellectual trends in them, as well as social values differed in one society as a result of inherited and acquired factors and the spread of different cultures. The human thought witnessed many trends and reflections, some of which were the result of individual tendencies that have grown and developed under different conditions, while others were to varying degrees as a reflection of human facts, patterns and activities, so social values differed qualitatively, fundamentally and fundamentally between societies, each of which has its characteristics and logic, and so different social phenomena Political, economic Social values were manifested in different forms in the world among the countries of the world, each of which possesses its intellectual elements that differ from each other Islamic, Marxist, capitalist and others, which led to the emergence of various sectarian, partisan, tribal and ethnic social differences. In this humble research we highlight an important and fundamental factor for this difference It is the difference in social values, images and forms between the components of one society and between different societies, and the effect of this on social cohesion in society or its lack of it on the one hand and global peace on the other hand.

Value, Islam, Capitalism, Marxism

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