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Geographic information systems (GIS) are of great importance embodied by collecting, entering, processing, analyzing, displaying and extracting geographic information and analyzing it (spatial, statistical) with great speed and high quality, and then displaying it on the computer screen or drawing it on paper in the form of maps, drawings and reports, as this modern technology spread And it developed in light of the quantitative revolution as it has a great ability to carry out the complex analysis process in a short period of time, and the spatial analysis process takes place in the pattern of locating data (cadastral, point and linear), and it is one of the most important technical processes in the program, and that the idea of maps becoming models appeared and spread in Sixties of the last century. The program was applied to Diyala governorate in light of the spread of epidemic diseases, which amounted to nine diseases that were classified into three sections, namely, intestinal diseases, which were embodied by each of (typhoid, cholera and hepatitis type E), while the second type of diseases was called respiratory diseases, which included a disease (Meningitis, measles, and pneumonia), while the third type was represented by parasitic diseases, which were represented by each of the diseases (black fever, the Baghdad pill and Malta fever). As these diseases are still increasing continuously, due to the war and devastation and the province in general in Iraq in general, and from here the research problem started that it is possible to build model maps that are useful to decision-makers, including the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment, in light of determining the areas of their spread as it helps these maps of diseases Epidemiology in developing the necessary plans to the problems that the governorate suffers from in the event that they have been prepared accurately. Therefore, it was necessary to collect field data and embody them in cartographic models and distribute the epidemic diseases in them, depending on the districts of Diyala governorate, which are (Baquba, Al-Khalis, Al-Muqdadiya, Khanaqin, Baladruz).


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