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In view of the contemporary economic and financial changes in this volatile time, great changes in the transactions of people, by buying and selling, and in their dealings with different legal and illegal types of contracts, especially with regard to the increase and decrease of products prices resulted from many factors, including the fluctuation between supply and demand laws, the difference in the desires of different people, the quality of some products, and major economic interventions in some of the internal economies of some countries according to studied approaches as an economic war control other countries. Due to the mentioned changes, there have been great transformations in the markets of goods, leading the products to be sold with a wide range of pricing and effecting a great number of people. This makes it necessary to know the Shariah provisions on this issue in order to achieve the consent of Allah Almighty and to resolve disputes between complainants. So, this research is titled The Price Changes in the Market and Their Impact on Islamic Law, to shed light on the transfer of markets, by explaining their linguistic and idiomatic reality and clarify the opinions of jurists therein and their evidence, then mentioning some of the jurisprudential applications related to them, especially in frauds, corrupt sales, mortgages, etc. Then, an analysis of these views will be included in order to reach the relationship of supply and demand to finance in terms of the provisions entailing this and whether people's demand for goods should be included in the cost and value of the commodity.

Fıqh, Economy, Market, Supply, Demand.

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