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Our cultural heritage, which is the certificate of our past values, is faced with the danger of extinction against the time as a result of the urbanization policies implemented after 1950. It is accepted as the most natural duty of today's human being to determine, document, protect, introduce and transfer the values that are accepted as common property of all humanity against these dangers without damaging their originality to future generations. One of our material cultural assets that have been instrumental in the transfer of cultural traces from past to present is the houses built during their periods. Although each region, each culture has its own structures, the oriel is one of the most important elements that bring the traditional Turkish house closer together. An important element of traditional housing, the oriel is often used in the traditional residence of the Eskigediz district of Kütahya. In the facades of the city, which are dominated by the city, the oriels on the ground floor affect the street silhouette as well as the building facade. The outward reflections of inner life and the exits that allow the outside life to be included in the inner life vary in the Eskigediz houses. The oriels tahat play an important role in the formation of the Eskigediz street texture and the movement of the street, the difference of flat oriel and square oriel is clearly distinguished. The differences in the use of flat and square on the façade were examined, and the advantages that it provides to the building and the street were evaluated. Within the scope of the documentary study, 111 registered houses in Eskigediz district, which protects the historical texture to a great extent, have been examined and detected houses with oriels. On the basis of structured housing, the houses were categorized within themselves. The distribution and usage percentages of the flat and miter oriels of single facades, double facades and three facades were calculated and their structures were documented according to the purpose of the study.

Kütahya, Eskigediz, oriel, typology.

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