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In this study, we are analysing the feelings of jealousy and jealousy in people, in the context of Yusuf’s story, the events occurred between Yusuf (peace be upon him) and his brothers. People have some emotions from creation and fiction. These are feelings of harassment and jealousy. Almighty Allah inspired people with intriguer and taqwa while creating them. The important thing is that these feelings must be controlled and used in the right direction. The Qur'an tells the weak and powerful aspects of people, sometimes giving examples from previous societies. Sometimes he tells them in the form of comparisons and representation, and sometimes gives experienced stories as in the Yusuf surah. Because one of the methods of education is expression through similitudes and representation, while another one is narrative through stories. Of course, the methods of education are not just these. In prophet Yusuf/Joseph's case, the reasons for the feelings of jealousy between brothers and the consequences of these jealousy feelings have been addressed. Also, the case of Yusuf is important, and this story is described as the most beautiful case, as it includes example that people may draw many lessons from the it. In this story, many noteworthy events are told, such as, describing how to preserve people's chastity; how parents should act amongst their children fairly; how a feeling of jealousy and jealousy drove people into a disorder; a prophet having task of administration in a non-Muslim ruling society. However, in this study we will try to explain how the feeling of jealousy in children and how this feeling of envious may result in bad disasters, if is not well controlled. The Qur'an mentions the feelings of jealousy between brothers and sisters while stating about two accusations. One of these is the event occurred between the children of prophet Habil and Qabil; and the other is the event among the brothers of Yusuf (peace be upon him). As it is known, the incident between the children of Adam concluded with murder. Whereas, the event between Yusuf and his brothers did not result in death (perhaps as a miracle). Moreover, it is emphasized that parents should treat their children equally, otherwise, it is highlighted that there will be feelings of hostility, hatred and loathing amongst children.

Prophet Yusuf, Jealousy, envious , Story, Education, Parent

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